BioTrackTHC Software Review

BioTrackTHC is Smoking Hot ... but does it really leaf out to being the best software for marijuana growers, producers, medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational marijuana sales?

The legal marijuana business in the U.S. topped $2 billion in 2014, after Washington joined Colorado in the legalization of recreational pot purchases. Oregon and Alaska will soon allow recreational marijuana sales in addition to the 19 states (plus Washington, D.C.) where it is legal to purchase cannabis for medical purposes. The market is expected to reach $3.1 billion in 2015, according to industry estimates published in the Marijuana Business Factbook.

States regulators and the federal government are looking very closely at compliance in this rapidly growing industry. The biggest issue in the supply chain has been farmers' ability to track licensed pot plants from grow room to dispensaries or retail marijuana stores. Government regulators want to ensure that no plants go missing at any point of the production and distribution process. For business owners the key is finding software that can effectively track product and plants using affixed bar codes or radio-signal tags, and provide data that can be exported for both business analysis and government reporting.

BioTrackTHC has emerged as a leader in the cannabis software market. It is marketed as the leading provider of seed-to-sale software solution for the medical and retail marijuana business. It has the ability to follow a grower's inventory down to the milligram. Each plant is issued a water repellent barcode label. The software can track a plant as it moves from one grow room to another, tracking fertilizers, nutrients, growth, weight, stems, leaves, crumbs, resin, etc. all the way to bagging for retailers and weighing the product for end user sales. Simply put, it tracks the growth cycle of plants, the final product as it leaves the growing facility, receipt by the dispensary and delivery to the purchaser. It doesn't need to integrate with a separate POS systems, because it has a built-in POS system. Many dispensaries use the software just to manage their dispensaries and recreational marijuana sales. The BioTrackTHC system costs $1,000 to $2,000 to install, and about $400 a month to run. It is able to manage individual grow operations, production facilities and marijuana sales. And for businesses that own and operate the full vertical, it can manage the entire business operation. It even tells marijuana farmers how much each gram costs to grow, ensuring profitability.

It is critical that business owners understand state regulations and are fully trained to operate their business to the letter of the law. To ensure customer success, BioTrackTHC University was developed for software subscribers, in addition to their online classes and webinar training sessions. The university offers in-person classwork designed to educate users how to effectively use the tools in the BioTrackTHC software to maintain legal compliance and produce the required regulatory reporting. It also teaches how to effectively use the system to maximize plant growth and determine the best parent plants and strains to maximize profitability. An added benefit of attending the BioTrackTHC's university classes is the ability to network with other industry professionals in a group setting, which can be invaluable.

Technical support is one of the most critical services a software company can provide. Unfortunately, many owners don't consider this when selecting a software product. We were able to call BioTrackTHC tech support and get our questions answered immediately. Customers of BioTrackTHC report similar experiences and seem very satisfied overall. highly recommends BioTrackTHC software to businesses in the medical marijuana or recreational marijuana trade. We sell point-of-sale equipment including scales, label printers, scanners, and computers on the approved equipment list at discount prices.
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