MAXSTICK liner-free thermal labels

MAXSTICK uses specially created primer and release coaatings and a highly effective blend of adhesives to create the world's first truly liner-free, removable-and-restickable label on a thermal roll.

MAXSTICK works in many existing label and POS printers with little or no modification. However, you do need to work with a knowledeable distributor or VAR to make sure your printers and software are compatible and to determine which of several adhesive patterns would best suite your application.

Save Time, Money, and Waste!

- Print any length. Save money compared to die-cut labels
- Reduce waste. No liners to discard.
- Reduce Label Reprints!
**Placed a label on the wrong box. No Problem!
**Remove it and restick it!

Available in both 15 and 20 pound paper.
Most applications, such as libraries and shipping use 15 lb. paper, which is more economical. The 20 lb. paper is designed for industrial use, such as labeling large pallets move by forklifts.

Libraries every where are moving to MAXSTICK Labels!