Hardware for Square Register on an iPad or LAN

Supported Hardware for Stand-alone iPads or iPads on a LAN (Local Area Network)

Setup instruction links to connect devices and get your Square Register network up and running

Square LAN Bluetooth Device ConnectionsConnecting your Square system using iPad(s) on a LAN is ideal for larger retail businesses and restaurants. Using a LAN allows you to share printers such as kitchen and order fullfilment printers that can be shared between multiple iPads running Square.
Square iPads on a LAN use Ethernet (LAN) and Bluetooth printers and scanners. Cash drawers are connected directly to a receipt printer. Require a Wi-Fi Router with Ethernet ports and Bluetooth if available.

For Square on Square Stands - Go to our "Square Stand Hardware" page.
For Square on Android Devices - Go to our "Square on Android Hardware" page.

Hardware Guidlines and Setup for Square Register using an iPad on a LAN:
Supported Hardware for iPads and LANs
Connecting Recommended Hardware to an iPad and LAN

Ethernet (LAN) and Bluetooth Receipt Printers, Barcode Scanners, Hardware and Cash Drawers designed to work seamlessly your Square iPad and LAN with a WiFi Router.