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Square Stand Device ConnectionsThe Square Stand looks sleek and is an easy way to setup a complete POS system for your business in minutes. The USB hub allows you to connect up to 3 USB devices including receipt printer, cash drawer and bar code scanner. And the Square Reader is integrated into the stand. Keep in mind that the printer, cash drawer and barcode scanner cannot be shared between Square iPads when using a Square Stand.

For Square iPads on a LAN - Go to our "Square on iPad & LAN Hardware" page.
For Square on Android Devices - Go to our "Square on Android Hardware" page.

Square Stand Hardware Guidelines and Setup Information:
Recommended Hardware for Square Stand
Connect Recommended Hardware to Square Stand

USB Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Barcode Scanners and Hardware designed to work seamlessly with your Square Stand.

"Only USB connected printers, cash drawers and bar code readers are compatible with Square Stands."