WhozzCalling?4 POS Basic Ethernet


Whozz Calling?4 POS Basic - Ethernet connection

Manage 4 Phone Lines - Inbound Caller ID (CID)

Basic Caller ID information for Pop-up screens. This device captures Caller ID time/date, name and number and indicates on which phone line the data is received. Improve customer relationships by instantly having their information on screen, speed service and order taking.

Compatible Software Includes:

Auphan POS System
Camelot Software
Dino POS (by QEN Computers)
Firefly POS systems, also called Phoenix POS (Granbury Restaurant Solutions)
Foodtec POS
Guest Bridge Restaurant Solution
PC Dispatch
PDQ Software
Phone Oders App (by Clover)
Point of Service (by OrderCounter)
Revel Systems
Thr!ve (Granbury Restaurant Solutions)

To select the correct CallerID unit for your point-of-sale system, check the
Product Selection Guide - click here

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